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Areas of Practice

Property Tax Litigation

Property taxes are often one of the largest individual expenses incurred by property owners. Like any other expense, they should be monitored and managed to ensure that they are maintained at reasonable and fair levels. Excessive property taxes not only reduce income to the owner but also reduce a property’s market value and marketability.

Property Tax Consulting & Due Diligence

We are often asked to assist existing and new clients during the due diligence phase of real estate investment deals. Examples of the consulting and due diligence services provided include: preparing projections of future property taxes, quantitative risk-benefit analyses of conventional taxation versus PILOT/Tax Abatement programs, and analysis of potential property tax implications of a transaction.

Property Tax Exemptions

Our firm’s professionals have a vast combined depth and breadth of experience in tax exemption cases.

Redevelopment, Real Property Tax Abatements & PILOTS

From the initial investigation studies to determine if an area qualifies as a redevelopment, to the preparation of and adoption of the redevelopment plan, negotiation of the redevelopment agreement and drafting and negotiation of the financial agreement for payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTS).

Condemnation & Eminent Domain Litigation

Whether it is contesting a public entity’s right to acquire your property or maximizing the compensation to which you are entitled, we will diligently and vigorously protect your interests.

Commercial Real Estate

The commercial real estate practice of the firm covers most phases of commercial real estate, as distinguished from a residential practice. The firm has significant experience in the following areas of commercial real estate.