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Property Tax Litigation

Property Tax Litigation

Property taxes are often one of the largest individual expenses incurred by property owners. Like any other expense, they should be monitored and managed to ensure that they are maintained at reasonable and fair levels. Excessive property taxes not only reduce income to the owner but also reduce a property’s market value and marketability.

At Zipp & Tannenbaum, LLC our objective is to work with you to develop strategies best suited to manage your real estate tax burden. We achieve our objective though annual property-by-property reviews to determine the merits of filing and prosecuting tax appeals, assisting with property tax-related budgeting and forecasting issues, defending “reverse” appeals filed by taxing authorities seeking to increase tax assessments, and by quickly and efficiently responding to any inquiry you may have regarding property taxes.

Over the years our firm has litigated property tax appeals before state trial and appellate courts for all types of property, including apartments, condominiums, office buildings, warehouse and distribution properties, regional and super-regional malls, retail strip and power centers, research and development facilities, hospitals, nursing and assisted care facilities, hotels, casinos, oil and gas industry properties, power generation facilities, marinas, vacant land, mixed use buildings, beach clubs, auto dealerships and manufacturing plants.

Our client base is diverse and includes local and national investors and developers, major Fortune 500 corporations, private equity firms, institutional investors, and real estate investment trusts. We have also served as special tax counsel to municipalities, garnering an understanding and appreciation of the municipality’s concerns and perspective. Unlike many other firms in the industry, we have been able to utilize our municipal experience to assist private clients to successfully navigate the sometimes delicate balance of a real estate tax appeal and potential impacts to the private client’s business operations within a municipality.